Reconstruction of one of the best hotels in Israel is completed

Reconstruction of one of the best hotels in Israel is completed
Reconstruction of one of the best hotels in Israel is completed
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The famous four-star hotel Rimonim Marina Club in Eilat completes the ambitious renovation of the interior. The hotel is located on the shores of the Red Sea in the resort city of Eilat. Rimonim Marina Club is famous for its hospitality and caring for guests, it is ideal for family living. In addition, this is the only hotel in Israel, with its own boat mooring.

In order not to disappoint its clients, an Israeli hotel has been discovering various possibilities to receive gusts, despite the repair work. And now, 130 updated rooms of different categories are waiting for visitors. Rimonin hotel chain is known as one of the best, which offer holidays in Israel today. Its hotels can be found throughout the country.

It should be noted that Aeroflot Airline plans to begin regular flights from Moscow to Eilat. Initially, flights will be performed twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays by the Airbus 320.

Eilat is located at the south of Israel, and for 20 years already it is a recognized center of winter recreation. It is a wonderful place, where you can escape from the cold, slushy winters and then warm under hot rays of the sun on the shores of the Red Sea. Tourists can book a room in one of the hotels - the choice of hotel here is really huge: from the luxurious 5 * hotel, located on the seashore, which will satisfy the most demanding guests, to small boarding houses (10-15 rooms) and youth hostels that are in the 15-minute walk from the beach. The entertainment industry amazes with its diversity.

Night clubs and discos, folklore evenings with a Bedouin kitchen and a dinner with wine and beer at kibbutz of Eilat – everyone will find what he wants. Fans of active rest can go diving on a separate coral reef, windsurfing, sailing and skydiving over the desert night, parasailing and aerodium are at your disposal. Huge selection of cultural and recreational excursions is also available.

Eilat is a free trade area, there are no taxes, so shopping lovers will be satisfied, too.

Date: 08/01/2009


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