The world's largest floating Christmas tree is in Rio de Janierio

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
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New Year’s trip to Rio de Janeiro – is one of the best gifts that you can make up for the New Year. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular places in the world to celebrate the New Year. Couple of days ago in Rio the world’s biggest floating Christmas tree lighted up with festive lights. It was placed at Lake Rodrigo de Freitas in a prestigious district of Lagoa, where the mountain with the famous statue of Christ is located. This year, the height of the tree is 85 meters and weight is 530 tons. Several years ago the Christmas tree in Rio was introduced in the Guinness Book of Records.

More than 2 million Brazilians and tourists, who came to Brazil, will participate in an unforgettable celebration, the major event of which will take place on the main beach of Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana. So if you plan to participate in the New Year carnival, you need to book rooms in the hotels of Rio in advance, because starting from December 28, almost all the hotels, holiday homes and apartments in the city will be occupied. Even the subway ticket to Copacabana should be bought in advance, because public transport and taxis will not be able to cope with the huge influx of tourists.

Copacabana is the king of the beaches. On December 31, starting in the morning, tourists flock here and the show starts, which will last more than one day. One part of the show is the sea goddess worship ceremony. At Copacabana people dressed in white clothes bring with them white flowers (roses or gladioluses). Flowers should be cast into the ocean; they are for Yemaja - the Indian goddess of the sea, which brings luck, prosperity and love.

At 7 pm throughout the coast of Rio de Janeiro music starts playing, the most famous Brazilian and guest singers from other countries perform on special platform-scenes. For a minute before midnight, the clock starts countdown, and people count off seconds before the New Year in all languages, and exactly in 12 pm grandiose firework starts. It is launched from the sea, out of the salute canons mounted on special ships. The firework in Rio ends with a final volley from the highest building of Copacabana - Hotel «Meridian».

Photo: wikimedia

Date: 30/12/2008


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