Ice Hotel in Lapland

Ice Hotel in Lapland
Ice Hotel in Lapland

Every year Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a busy time for Lapland. A great number of tourists come here from all over the world to greet Santa Clause. Besides, there are always many interesting things in Lapland that surprise tourists. And this year the biggest hotel was built of snow here in recent 8 years.

Ice Hotel as it is called can accept up to 60 guests who want to spend a night here. Besides, there is a bar and a restaurant here where one can have a very good time.

The average temperature here is about - 5 °C however the guests will hardly get frozen here. There is sheep clothing and a sleeping bag in every room. More over, in the morning guests are offered hot berry juice. But if it is not enough for someone to warm, then welcome to “warmer” rooms that are located underground.

The sculptures spent about three weeks and more than one thousand trailers of snow to build Ice hotel. It will be open during the whole winter so if you still want some adventures during your Christmas vacations, welcome to Ice Hotel in Lapland.

Date: 14/12/2008

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