Most Unusual Tourists' Complains

Most Unusual Tourists' Complains
Most Unusual Tourists' Complains

Of course, traveling is always a great fun for everyone. But sometimes happens something that does not bring fun to anybody.

Not so long ago an international conference took place in Australia. At the conference tourism specialists made a list of the most unusual tourists’ complains.

For example, one of the guests of an Australian hotel told that his room had been decorated in a purely feminine way.

A famous football player complained about the noise that came from the sea. The trouble was that the room, where the football player had stayed, faced a beach and the noise of the sea waves just irritates him.

And in Britain several tourists refused to spend their vacation abroad because the foreigners refused speaking English to them.

In one of the African countries another funny occasion took place. A tourist saw an elephant walking not far from the place where he stayed. The elephant was standing on his hind legs and that fact made the tourist furious. As he told later he couldn’t enjoy his honeymoon anymore.

Date: 16/11/2008

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