Melbourne Cup 2008

Melbourne Cup 2008
Melbourne Cup 2008

The week arround the Emirates Melbourne Cup 2008, the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2008 will take place in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria / Australia. For the whole of Australia, but especially for Melbourne, this is a week full glamor and sports.

The Emirates Melbourne Cup is considered the most important horse races on the 2 miles stretch of the world. By the way: The race is rather less than 2 miles (3218 meters) – it is just over 3200 meters (a concession by the Australians from the 70s to prepare for the metric system). With over 5 million AUD (Australian dollar) prize, it is also one of the most highly doped horse race in the world.

Around the Melbourne Cup in 2008, wich will take place on 4.11.2008 with 24 thoroughbred horses wich are at least 3-year old, Melbourne celebrates a full week fashion and horse races. Melbourne will be during this Melbourne Cup Carnival 2008 the Capital of the ladies with elegant hats in the world - hardly anywhere else, the elegant racetrack visits celebrated as extensively as in the South metropolis of Australia.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival consists of four unique race days:

* Saturday 1st November - AAMI Victoria Derby Day
* Tuesday 4 November - Emirates Melbourne Cup Day
* Thursday, 6 November - Crown Oaks Day
* Saturday, 8 November - Emirates Stakes Day

During the Melbourne Cup Carnival, but especially on the day of the Emirates Melbourne Cup 2008, in Melbourne stop all wörks wih has nothing to do with this sporting festival and fashion event. On the day of the Emirates Melbourne Cup is even an official holiday in Melbourne.

On any other day of the year in Australia are so many bets. The Australians also are crzy in betting but on this day of Emirates Melbourne Cup they rise Millions through betting for the Australian State.

Date: 13/10/2008

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