Second Birth of Szczawnica

Second Birth of Szczawnica
Second Birth of Szczawnica

Soon the Polish health resort Szczawnica will change a lot. Duke Adam Stadnitski’s descendants are trying to make the resorts as popular as it was in the times of the former owner.

Szczawnica resort is located in 115 km from the city of Krakow. About 100 years ago it was very popular with aristocrasy. However, World War II and then the communist system almost completely destroyed its grandeur.

Now the resort is having considerable restoration work done on. It is planned to destroy all the hotels of the Soviet model and to build the hotels of Swiss chalet type instead. Besides, a movie theatre will also be built in the territory of the resort’s park.

Szczawnica resort offers treatment for respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system deseases and asthma as there are 12 salubrious water sources in the territory of the resort. Treatment is usually provided in the so-called White Hall that was built for inhalations in 1936. But this is not all. A special entertainment program is organized for the visitors of Szczawnica. They are offered excursions to nearby castles, riding and walking in the neighborhood and musical evenings organized specially for them.

Date: 08/08/2008

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