Beggars Disappear in Venice Streets

Beggars Disappear in Venice Streets
Beggars Disappear in Venice Streets

Begging has always been one of the problems of large cities. However the Venice authorities made all their best to solve this problem forever. So, Venice is not only a very beautiful Italian city. Now you will find no beggars here. The authorities of Venice banned bagging in Venice streets. The police will patrol the streets of the city and those beggars, who break the ban, will be slapped a fine on. Besides, police will confiscate all their gain.

The authorities of Venice had to resort to such measures in order to exclude the participation of children in this dirty business. Besides, begging only irritates tourists coming to Venice and its citizens and, of course, it leaves a bad impression of the city.

Augusto Salvadori, the chief of the department of the city council of Venice, promised that this ban will not influence the low-income groups of the city. The municipality will go on supporting them.

Of course, time will show if the measures taken will be effective or not. Nevertheless, Venice is the first Italian city where the authorities started to combat begging.

Date: 30/07/2008

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