No Topless in Dubai

No Topless in Dubai
No Topless in Dubai

Going on holidays to Dubai, it's better to remember that the seemly conduct is highly appreciated in this country. Those tourists who do not follow the laws of this country will be punished. Dubai is a Muslim country, so tourists should behave the way it is accepted there.

Not so long ago Dubai police started to make the tourists answer for their immoral behavior and indecent exposure at the beach. It is banned to get suntanned topless or nude in Dubai. As the policemen say, beach is a public place. Here also come families with children to have a rest. And, of course, amoral tourists’ behavior bothers them to enjoy a quiet and calm family rest.

The tourists, who will break this ban for the first time, will be just warned. But if a tourist will ignore the warning, then the police can institute criminal proceedings against him/her.

Such measures were taken after the police caught two tourists from Great Britain who were having sex at the beach.

And only during the two last weeks police warned 79 more tourists who broke the rule.

Date: 17/07/2008

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