No Airline Tickets Commercials

No Airline Tickets Commercials
No Airline Tickets Commercials

When it is a summer holiday season, many airline companies start advertising their low-priced tickets. And as a rule, the prices for their tickets do not include all the taxed and additional duties. And of course, this misleads people who are going somewhere on holidays or on business. But the European Parliament decided to solve this problem forever.

The other day the European Parliament banned the airline companies to advertise the prices for their tickets that do not include taxes and additional duties. However, the new law will be validated only in the end of 2008. Many airline companies like Lufthansa or EasyJet agreed with this but not Ryanair. This company is well-known for its low-cost tickets for flights.

Of course, maybe it is good when people can get to know about price discounts for flights from TV commercials. But at the same time it is not pleasant at all to discover that in fact the price differs from that one mentioned in the commercial. In any case all the airline companies working in EU will have to follow the law.


Date: 11/07/2008

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