Ontario Resorts are Waiting for Tourists

Ontario Resorts are Waiting for Tourists
Ontario Resorts are Waiting for Tourists

The spring in many Ontario resorts, Canada was not warm and sunny at all. But it seems the situation is going to change greatly. Environment Canada forecasts very hot summer. It is expected that the average temperature in Ontario resorts in July, August and September will be higher than usual. And, of course, it is good news for those who have already booked their vacation in one of Ontario resorts. Besides, it promises hard work for many tour operator who have already disappointed at cool spring.

The Managing Director of Resorts of Ontario Grace Sammut noted that the cold spring influenced booking on Resorts of Ontario. People usually do not do any bookings until the weather becomes too hot. A lot of people make up their mind to go somewhere spontaneously and look for the last minute offers in order to escape the city heat. There are still some vacancies in Ontario resorts, but they are going to be filled as soon as the weather becomes hotter.

On the whole, Resorts of Ontario offers a wide range of choice of accommodation for their guest, like lakeside resort, country inns or cottages. There are many offers for young couples and families here.

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Date: 06/07/2008

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