Dog Surfing Contest

Dog Surfing Contest
Dog Surfing Contest

Have you ever thought that dogs can also surf? But they can! Now even dogs take part in various surfing contests that are organized specially for them in Californian Loews Coronado Bay Resort. It is a relatively young contest but it attracts more and more viewers and participants within each year.

The third dog surfing contest took place in San Diego Resort on June, 29. This year more than 60 dogs took part in it. The contest consisted of the three parts but the most interesting part was the last one. In the end of the contest masters surfed together with their pets.

The winners of the contest were the black Labrador retriever Stoley, the spaniel TJ and Jack Russell terrier called Zoye.

The dog surfing contest was held for a charity purpose as well as for fun. All the means gathered during the contest will be given to the Modest Need Foundation.

Date: 03/07/2008

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