Nudist Cycle Race

Nudist Cycle Race
Nudist Cycle Race

On Saturday rather unusual cycle races took place in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Valencia. Unusual because all the cyclists were naked.

Such an action was organized by a public organization of cycle-lovers Bici Critica. The participants of these cycle races demand the authorities to provide them with the safety on the Madrid roads. As the participants say, the flow of traffic is tensed in Madrid and there are no cycleways here at all. That means that it is very dangerous for the cyclists to move along the Madrid streets on a bicycle. “We striped to the skin to show the citizens of Madrid how unprotected the cyclists are in the tensed flow of traffic.”

Nearly 300 people in Madrid and 50 people in Valencia took part in the action. In Paris such an action failed as the participants refused to strip to the skin.

It is also very interesting to know that the Madrid authorities promote bicycles as an alternative to the cars. But at the same time they agree with the fact it is not an easy task to lay the cycleways along the Madrid streets, especially in the Old City.

Date: 13/06/2008

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