Future of World Tourism is in the Baltic Countries

Future of World Tourism is in the Baltic Countries
Future of World Tourism is in the Baltic Countries

Nowadays people notice that the climate on the Earth is being changed. This year they forecast that this summer will be enormously hot. And the last year many of the European ski resorts faced problems because of the global warming. Many of them closed too early because of short of snow. However, this season the situation was much better.

However, the specialists from ‘Deutsche Bank’ prepared the report, in which they offered their own version of the change of the surface of the planet.

In accordance with that report it will be very hot in Europe soon. Such countries as Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece won’t be popular among the tourists any more. Tourists will travel to France and Italy only because of various historical monuments. Germany and the Baltic countries will belong to the most popular tourist destinations as the climate of these countries will become perfect for a beach vacation. Great Barrier reef will disappear from the planet surface and the Maldives will sink.

Some changed will also take place at many ski resorts. The snow will melt at ski resorts of France, Austria and Germany that will affect the number of tourists there.

However, it is only one of the versions of what is waiting for the mankind in the future. You can take the prognosis made by the ‘Deutsche Bank’ analysts seriously or not but one thing is still obvious. The climate on the Earth is changing but no one can say it for sure what it will be like…

Date: 26/04/2008

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