Love Vacation

Love Vacation
Love Vacation

Have you ever thought of taking a love vacation from your work? Of course, it hardly can seem to be truth; however in Finland they are going to legislate such a law.

The main reason for such a vacation is to revive passion and tender feeling to people one loves. Nowadays there is a high rate of divorces in Finland. More than half of marriages break because people have very little time for love and their partners. So the love vacation is some kind of the way out for people.

Tommy Tabermann, the opposition Social Democrats member and a poet at the same time introduced the idea of love vacation March, 13. according to his words “Love is a human right” and people can and should be happy. And such a 'honeymoon' once a year will only help them to refresh their feelings.

In order the law to be passed, Tabermann should submit the bill with the supporting of the half the legislature or 100 members of parliament again. And he already has got 13 signatures in support of love vacation.

However, love vacation is a very disputable question. The trouble is that the Finns already have got 25 paid holiday days a year and 10 paid public holidays while the European Union requires only 20 paid vacation days per year.

Nevertheless Tabermann is sure of need for love vacation as he believes that it can help a great number of people to save their marriages.

Date: 18/04/2008

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