"Museums' Night" in Germany

"Museums' Night" in Germany

Are you interested in art? Every time you go on a trip, you try to visit local museum and art galleries? Then you are to make a trip to Germany next time. April, 26 Germany will host a “Museums’ Night”. Everyone, no matter whether you are a tourist or a citizen of Germany, you can visit more than 50 museums and art galleries situated in Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach or Hessen. While visiting the museums one can not only watch the masterpieces by famous artists but also visit various concerts, literary readings, histrionics or even parties. The price for the ticket is also not so expensive. It will cost you only 12 euros to visit all the museums. Besides, the price includes the fare for the bus service. Special en-route buses will deliver the tourists from one museum to another.

The idea of the “Museums’ Night” appeared in Germany 10 years ago. Since that time this wonderful tradition appeared in many European cities. So, do not miss your chance to take part in the “Museums’ Night”!

Date: 12/04/2008

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