Golf Vacation

Many golf players, whether they play it professionally or as a hobby, decide for a golf vacation. You can have different aims towards golf vacation – either you can use the vacation time intensively to improve your own defects or complete the course. One more reason is the great desire to try various golf courts all over the world. It is no matter whether you go abroad abroad or want to have rest in your own country, golf vacation is possible almost everywhere, and the “Green” has its special charm.

Many golf clubs offer some courses for their guests, among them the advanced training course, too. One’s golf vacation perfectly suits for completing the course and the following taking exams. However, the traveler first should get to know if such a service is offered and if a coach is available at any time.

The choice abroad is almost boundless. Even cruise organizers offer golf cruises. Traditionally the sunny Andalusia is considered to be the most favorite place among golf lovers. In this region you can easily connect a great family vacation on the beach with the golf vacation. A family can get pleasure from getting suntanned on the beach while a dad enjoys playing golf. Exotic countries also offer their courts for golf players. Thailand lyres with its first-class Greens and Dubai with its green centers.

When golf players search for an accommodation, they will easily prefer a summer house or vacation home to a room in a hotel. It is a good alternative to a hotel because in a summer house the guests can feel as if they are at home. However, this kind of accommodation is somewhat more individual and it is usually connected with the self-food supply so each guest can decide whether he would like to eat in the house or dine out. Many of the golf clubs offer own chalets or bungalows that are situated close to the golf courts. It is better than a room in a hotel and then the prices for such an accommodation are not so high.