Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera, also known as the Ligurian Riviera, is a picturesque Mediterranean coast in Italian province of Liguria in the northwest of the country. The Italian Riviera is a part of an extended holiday region known as Riviera. Riviera also includes the famous Cote d'Azur in France.

Italian Riviera: travel and leisure

Dozens of resorts, hundreds of attractions, unique opportunities for recreation and travel - Italian Riviera is one of the most respected and beautiful places of summer holidays in Italy. On the coast of the Italian Riviera are located such famous cities as Genoa, San Remo, luxury resorts of Portofino and Levanto. There is also located one of the Italian wonders - an ensemble of the coastal cities - Cinque Terre, or Five Lands, which includes five tiny coastal towns with unique architecture: Vernazza, Cornnilia, Manarola, Monterosso and Riomagiorre. The entire historic complex of cities is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Whale Watching

Ligurian Riviera offers unique travel tours, which include whale watching. Ligurian Sea in 1993 was declared a protected area of marine mammals. Since then the whales are able to easily reproduce and tourists to watch the whales in their natural environment. Tours for whale watching are available in many cities of the coast. However, the most popular places are the cities of Imperia and Andora.

Flower Riviera

Flower Riviera or Riviera Dei Fiori is the part of the Italian Riviera that is located near the town of San Remo, known as the capital of the Italian song contest. Its name Flower Riviera gained for flower breeding, which as an industry appeared in this area since the 19th century. Riot of colors and fragrances makes Flower Riviera a unique resort. To date on the portal is available rental of apartments, cottages and villas in Flower Riviera cities:

San Remo
San Bartolomeo al Mare

Palm Riviera

Palm Riviera holiday region with its center in the city of Savona extends to 1500 thousand square kilometers of the coast from Varazze in the east to the west of Andora. The region is known for its beach holidays. Palm Riviera beaches are available for every taste: pebble in Albenga and wide sandy beaches with low coastal sea depth in Finale Ligure.

For those who plan to vacation in Palm Riviera portal offers online booking of accommodation. Below is given the list of resorts, where is available renting of homes, villas and apartments in Palm Riviera:

Finale Ligure