Amalfi in Italy is a small town and the whole resort coast, which is known for its unique aura of the Middle Ages, "scrambling" on coastal slopes of tiny towns and the magnificent nature of the Mediterranean. All this together has allowed Amalfi to become one of business cards of tourism in Italy.

The total length of the Amalfi coast is about 50 miles. And those 50 miles are one of the most beautiful in Italy, with hidden in the rocks beaches, numerous caves, arches and coves.

Amalfi Coast: resorts

Amalfi Coast today includes 13 small resorts. In addition to the Amalfi the resort area include:

Vietri sul Mare
Conca dei Marini

Sometimes to the region of Amalfi is attributed the town of Agerola. Each of these cities is attractive in its own style. So, Vietri sul Mare is known for its unique pottery, Tramonti - the atmosphere of rural Italy and excellent wines, Minori - ancient Rome sights, Positano is one of the most exciting coastal resorts, which in his story described the famous American writer John Steinbeck.

Sights of the Amalfi coast

As noted above, the Amalfi coast is full of attractions. Each resort has at its disposal several unique monuments. Architecture, nature and the amazing variety of cities allowed the Amalfi coast to be included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Among the most famous sights are: the Roman Villa Chimbrone in Ravello, fjords in Furore, the Duomo cathedral in Amalfi, medieval churches in Atrani and famous Gods Path between the cities of Agerola, Praiano and Positano, which offers, perhaps, one of the best in Italy panoramas of the picturesque rocky coast and the "toy" neighborhoods of the resorts.

Rent in Amalfi

Amalfi coast is now regarded as one of the most expensive resort regions of Italy. At the same time, hotels in Amalfi are in high demand among tourists, especially during summer months even despite prices that are higher than at other resorts in Italy. So, often as an alternative tourists can stay in private homes. Rent of apartments and villas in this resort area is gaining popularity. Today during high season in Amalfi you can rent an apartment for four people for 500 euros per week, which in any case is much less expensive hotel room.