Dacha Houses

Dacha houses can be divided into 3 main types. These are bungalow, dwelling and mansion. Each of the groups has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

Bungalow: As a rule, about twenty years ago it was the most prevailing type of houses in all dacha areas of the USSR. It is one- or two-stored board construction (the first floor is an attic as a rule) with veranda or without it. The house perfectly suits for a summer vacation, but in late autumn or in winter it gets too cold here. Some of the houses have stoves. However, taking into account the small size of the house, a stove usually occupies the greater part of it.

Advantages: excellent ventilation, a good and cheap variant of a summer vacation, authenticity. The houses of this type are usually located close to forests. And, of course, this creates the atmosphere of conciliation and unity with nature.

Disadvantages: the lack of heating, small size, minimum of comfort (little furniture, water closet in the street, water supplied from water pump, etc). The house can be exploited only during a warm season as a rule.

Who will like it: Not fastidious and romantic by nature people who like plain and natural vacation; adventurers not spoilt by good conditions of life.

Dwelling. It is a construction consisting of two or three storeys. There is a warm bathroom unit, a shower and sometimes a fireplace here. In some houses one can find a sauna or a Russian bath. The houses of a dwelling type were predominantly built in early 1990’s, so these houses are very comfortable. Unfortunately, they have less charm in comparison with bungalows. Besides, dwellings are usually built on relatively new plots of land, so as a rule they are lack of splendid gardens adjoining the dwelling.

Advantages: Dwellings are usually much more comfortable in comparison with bungalows. Dwellings have large living space so several families or large companies can have a rest simultaneously here. There is sewerage, a Russian bath / sauna, a fireplace and a garage in some cases.

Disadvantages: Some owners of dwellings tried to save on construction materials when they built them. So, please, do not be afraid if you see a piece of peeled off plaster or broken handrail. It sometimes happens that a dwelling is situated in the field and surrounded by the similar houses. It is also not very pleasant.

Who will like it: Families with children, companies used to efficient and comfortable vacation, average-income people.

And the last type of houses is the mansion. The title speaks for itself. The houses of a mansion type are usually built with the aim of being resold or leased to well-to-do people. As a rule they have all the modern conveniences like central heating, fireplaces, parquet floors, space television, poolrooms, etc. Mansions can be compared either to villas or cottages. They have almost nothing in common with dachas. Recently there have appeared many settlements of such a type in the countries of modern CIS. Moscow and St. Petersburg’s cottages are considered to be the most luxurious and expensive.

Advantages: All-inclusive. Mansions have everything one can desire up to a fridge where lobsters are kept. You will have no problems here at all. To cut a long story short, luxury in the literal sense of the word.

Disadvantages: High cost of living. It will be rather difficult to understand if you had a vacation on dacha or spent several days in a five-star hotel. Although, perhaps, it is an advantage. But in this case it would be much better to rent a room in a hotel.

Who will like it: Top-managers, oil wells owners, lawyers and dentists.