Private Cottages

Private Cottages Private Vacation Homes at Cote D'azur

Many tourists believe that they make an especially lucky bargain when they book a holiday home privately. Actually, this is true in some cases. Those who rent a holiday home from friends or relatives should not be afraid of fraud, as a rule. If the landlord is unknown then you should be more cautious. Certainly, the vast majority of private landlords are serious and they are really angry with the black sheep. However, you can avoid scammers if you follow the next tips.

As private providers of vacation property are liable only for agreed performance, it should at least an agreement. As a rule, a lease by virtual handshake means for the tenant the evidence of a problem if it arises.

Before you transfer payments, you should convince if the landlord and his object really exist there. The evidences are the regular mailing address, a fixed network telephone and a personal contact. Also a look at Google Earth or Google Maps can help to verify the address of the object at least. You should be cautious when the landlord provides only a cell phone number or can answer to your requests only via free e-mail on a so-called free e-mail addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Have a look through the Google search to check whether thname the object input exists.

Beware of private cottages that offers vacation property at the unrealistically low prices. Those let their property to rent usually compare their prices with the prices for property in the region. You will find affordable accommodation but if it is too cheap, then it can be fraud. You shouldn’t be miserle while looking for a vacational property. On the contrary, you can make a good bargain in a safe place.

The provider of a vacation property is checked at least at the internet portals that have the entry fee. Then the consumer pays for the item and then there are account connections. A greater risk is when the landlord is exclusively advertised on free portals. In these cases the examination by the portal operator is rare.

Many private landlords give their property into professional hands. In this case a part of the rental price will belong to the property agent. But in this case the so-called security certificates issued for the responsibility tenders.The agencies also advise on landlords if the desired price is appropriate for the market or too expensive. The agencies know that if the object is very expensive, then nobody will rent it. Thus they open some objects for a possible rentals and leasing which privately had not taken place because of high price estimate of the private landlord.

Photo: Dago Wiedamann