Safe booking

Many people believe that they are very lucky if they could find a private villa or an apartment for vacation. In fact, in some cases this is true. As a rule, those who decided to stay with friends or relatives should not be afraid of fraud. However, if the homeowner is not familiar to you, then you should be careful. Of course, most owners who lease their apartments or cottages are real businessmen. They not appreciate the fact that among them are fraudsters. Whatever, you can always avoid the hype, if you follow simple tips on secured booking of cottages or other real estate for holiday.

Property owners are responsible only in cases when the travelers and landlords signed the contract. Ordering the housing via the Internet without a contract you risk, because if you will be cheated, it will be very difficult to prove it.

Before you pay a deposit, make sure that the cottage does really exist. There must be mail address and permanent telephone number. Also try to contact the landlord in person. You can also use Google Maps. And with its help you can check at least if the address is real. Be careful if the landlord has provided you with only cell phone or email on one of free hosts. Use Google search engine to check whether this Internet address really exists.

Be careful also if the cost of the cottage is relatively low. Those people, who lease houses, compare prices in the region with other objects. You may find housing at affordable price, but if the cost of such housing is too low, it is likely that it is a fraud. Do not spare the money if you want to find something worthwhile. Excellent choice can be made only in the proven place.

The landlord, who places ads on paid portals, must pay the ad placement. On paid sites existing of the property is always checked. However, you should be alerted if the landlord places ads only on free Internet portals. Here property is rarely checked.

Some landlords lease property through agencies. In such cases the price also includes the fee of the agent, who helped you to find the accommodation. And then, when you are looking for accommodation through the agency, you can always ask them if suddenly you have any problems. The agencies also help many property owners to set the price of an object. If the price is too high, then the object will simply not be rented. Thus, agencies help landlords to lease housing, which no one previously wanted to rent because of too high cost of the object.