Paid ads

Many homeowners are wondering: why they must pay for a rent advertisement, when dozens of websites offer this service free of charge. Here are some answers.

Security of the rent

In addition to its immediate commercial benefits, which, of course, has the project, paid real estate registration gives several advantages both for landlords and tourists. And the most important advantage - screening of fraudulent lease schemes, which are often present on the sites with free registration. Often, lease ads on these sites are fictitious and created with the only goal to sell nonexistent goods. Paid registration allows your project and our users to avoid negligent ads and save the reputation of the owners of houses and the portal itself.

One ad on several sites

Publishing paid real estate lease ad the owner of a house or an apartment includes it into our database. This means that in addition to rental ad may appear not only on this resource, but also, depending on the region, on other projects of Poezdka-Media company. If the owner offers a flat in Moscow, in addition to his ad will also appear on the resource If you lease a house at a ski resort, it will also be presented on the portal Thus, lease ad will appear not on one, but on several resources.

Rent in Net

Portal is being constantly improved in accordance with the latest requirements of leading searching engines. That's why lease ads can be found not only by a user of the portal, but also at the request of the major search engines: Yahoo and Google.

Vacation rentals worldwide has its own unique service. Choosing any tariff the owner gets the opportunity to add the ad in 4 different languages. Currently has the following language versions: English, German, Italian and French. Adding an advertisement in one (or each) of these languages, a user includes his proposal in the base of these portals.

Portal offers services to home owners on publishing ads about renting houses, cottages, villas and other property in its own database, which now includes over 100,000 proposals. Your house will be available for the users of the portal, as well as RuNet users, who are looking for direct accommodation booking via the Internet.