Property in the Internet

On this page we give advice and guidance to those, who decided to lease a house in the Internet. Recommendations for the homeowners are represented by the question and answer scheme.

Why to lease property in the Internet?

Internet gives a lot of ways to make money on proposed leased housing. Ad on cottage rental or other type of real estate means that it can be seen by thousands of users. In addition, on a number of portals, the owners may advertise their properties in details. So, on landlord has the ability to specify dozens details of the rentals, including term of the lease, the cost for the week, the pool, distance to major transportation points, and so on. Available on advanced search of ads allow the user to set specific parameters of housing and, consequently, receive a search result, which is most appropriate to his expectations. This in turn allows the owner to get the needed target customer.

What is the real benefit from the publication of rental accommodation ad in the Internet?

Advertisements for rental of property for holidays in the Internet allows direct contact between the owner and potential customer. In addition, the owner can receive more money from leasing his home due to savings on services of real estate agencies. For the same reason, the tourist has the opportunity to save on reservations, as the direct rent is in any case cheaper than the offer that the tourist will meet at the agency.

I'm going to lease a house (apartment, villa) for tourists. But I have no experience. Where to start?

If the owner of a house or an apartment lives far from the property that is leased, then perhaps, the first thing he should do is to find a property manager and / or a maid. The easiest and most reliable way is to find or ask friends to recommend someone. More costly option is to refer to the employment agency. In any case, it should be a reliable person, whom you can entrust your property. It is important to remember one thing - do not try to save on salary of the superintendent. Quality of service is a key to a successful tenancy.

How to choose the right rental price?

To properly set the price for rent you must take into account several factors. Seasonality, location and size of home, furnishings, home age, additional services, the pool, the fireplace, garden - all these options you should be included into the price. If we talk about priorities, the most important parameters are the size of the estate, its location and time of the year. In high season rental price is usually about 50% higher than in the offseason. The fireplace in a home can add 5% to the price, the pool - 15%. Location is important for an apartment. Center, plus a quiet area - here the price is always 10-20% higher than on average in the city.

How much time do I need to spend on requests?

As practice shows, the average time spent on correspondence for one request is about 10-15 minutes. It is worth noting that during the high season processing of email may take several hours a day. For Russia and the CIS the most intense season of online booking starts in late January and lasts until late April.

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