Cottages North America

E Cas di Zoƫ
Non-Smoking Rooms Terrasse Garden
from 25.50 USD / night
Chateau Cherbrand
San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago
Garden Non-Smoking Rooms Family Rooms
from 25.00 USD / night
Dormio Bonaire Village
Kralendijk, Netherlands Antilles
Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 48.75 USD / night
La Colline Bed & Table
Guest houses
Garden Non-Smoking Rooms Terrasse
from 45.00 EUR / night
Barefoot Apartments
Non-Smoking Rooms
from 67.00 USD / night
Bishops Residents
St Georges, Grenada
Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 60.00 USD / night
La Heliconia & Day Spa
St Georges, Grenada
Terrasse Non-Smoking Rooms Family Rooms
from 50.00 USD / night

North America

North America is one of the largest continents in the world. It stretches from the North to the South and has got rich flora and fauna, and its landscape is really unique - there are mountains and golden beaches, long rivers and deep lakes and seas. It is really the country of endless travel opportunities as this continent is made up several countries such as Canada, United State of America and Mexico. There are only three countries here but they are the largest countries of the world.

There are many islands belong to the North American continent – Greenland, Aleutian islands and others. Every island has got a special atmosphere, culture and unique in its own way.

Besides, you should know that the North American continent is the motherland of the Indians – the native inhabitants of this marvelous land. In North America you will be able to visit these reservations of the Indians.

North America offers you great opportunities for a perfect vacation. You will find many activities here: from swimming and diving in the ocean, from snowboarding to skiing in the Rocky Mountains, from fishing on the Great Lakes to hiking in its woods.

In North America there are many hotels where you can stay but it is much better and more convenient to rent a vacation home or a holiday house, isn’t it? So, start searching for accommodation on right now!

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