Cottages Hordaland

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from 1600.00 NOK / night
Bergen Quality Apartment
Bergen, Norway
Non-Smoking Rooms Family Rooms
from 1350.00 NOK / night
Voss- Myrkdalen Lodge
Vossestrand, Norway
Garden Terrasse Non-Smoking Rooms Family Rooms
from 1390.00 NOK / night
from 560.00 NOK / night
from 890.00 NOK / night
from 1000.00 NOK / night
from 1490.00 NOK / night
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Holiday Homes in Hordaland

Why do you need to book B&B accommodation in Hordaland on the site online? Users has a chance to find duplexes on different features: classification, area, availability of parking, Internet access in Hordaland.

Firstly it is convenient. Holidaymakers get the opportunity to use long range of facilities for selecting of homes in Hordaland - from prices in holiday homes in Sandvoll to the availability of barbershop in serviced apartments in Osøyro. So, at services of holidaymakers on a number of resorts of Hordaland is available renting of boats
Second plus is villa rentals offers in Hordaland are posted here with concrete info of location of the hotel, including view, pictures of apartments, etc.
And finally - intelligible reservation in Hordaland. You can contact with the owner of a house or apartment in Hordaland for specific discounts about offered B&B accommodation.On our portal location of Bed and Breakfast in Hordaland can be directly found on a special online map.

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